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  Western Real Estate Business - September 1, 2005
"Marshall has found success all across the country by adhering to one belief: the client always comes first. Founded only four years ago, in 2001, Marshall has already achieved unprecedented success in the world of commercial lending. Now, the $600 million financial services company has eight offices across the United States servicing every area of the country."
  Loan Participation Program
Marshall BankFirst, through its affiliate, The Marshall Group, provides loan participation and syndication opportunities to an extensive network of commercial banks and financial institutions throughout the United States Our model is powerful yet simple. We provide a nationwide exchange for qualified credit opportunities that are often overlooked by traditional money-center banks and portfolio lenders.  Lending institutions of all sizes gain access to thoroughly researched transactions from a variety of industries and locations.

A loan participation is an agreement between an existing lender (BankFirst) and participants (banks, thrifts, finance companies, etc.), which take a participating interest in the existing lender's commitment. In participations, BankFirst serves as the lead lender. The Marshall Group participates out interest in the loans which BankFirst underwrites. The Marshall Group invites other banks and institutional lenders to share in the lending opportunity as a participant.

How Lenders Participate

  • Once a loan is released to the market, The Marshall Group identifies potential interested banks and other financial institutions. Its sales team works with each prospective participant to discuss the loan in further detail. Prior to approval, each lender is required to complete its own underwriting analysis of the borrower and the credit, as per normal credit requirements and standards.

  • Once a lender elects to join in a loan participation, an initial confirmation letter is written describing the basic terms of the loan interest purchased. Prior to funding, each lender is provided with a fully executed participation agreement setting forth the rights and responsibilities of Marshall BankFirst and its participants.

  • For each loan, participants will have a complete loan/credit file which contains copies of all loan documentation, including a loan amortization schedule, insurance information, and financial statements for the project, the borrower and the guarantor. For a real estate loan, the file will also include a Phase I environmental audit, an appraisal of the project, a current survey and a title insurance policy.

Syndication: A syndicated loan is one that is provided by a group of lenders and is structured, arranged and managed by one or several commercial or investment banks known as arrangers. In syndications, Marshall BankFirst will often serve as the syndication agent, which is responsible for directing and managing the marketing and syndication of the financing (including running the order book and allocating transaction fees). Syndicate lenders are those institutions that generally commit to purchase more than $20 million of a financing.
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