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  76 Deals in 12 Months - Even Monty Hall Would Be Impressed

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  Heartland Real Estate Business - September 1, 2005
"Marshall has found success all across the country by adhering to one belief: the client always comes first. Founded only four years ago, in 2001, Marshall has already achieved unprecedented success in the world of commercial lending. Now, the $600 million financial services company has eight offices across the United States servicing every area of the country."
  Correspondent Lending
Sometimes a lending institution is unable to finance a customer because the request is outside the scope of its loan policy or is beyond its lending limit. Rather than lose the client relationship to a competitor, consider Marshall BankFirst’s Correspondent Lending Program.

Our Correspondent Lending Program is designed to offer our bank clients lending solutions to accommodate the needs of their borrowers without compromising loan policy or risking the loss of a depository relationship. Our program offers our clients several advantages over traditional sources, including:

  1. Flexible loan structure: We fit the structure of the loan to allow for greater operating opportunity for the borrower.

  2. Competitive terms: Our broad distribution capabilities enable us to offer competitive terms for the cost of capital.

  3. Relationship: Our goal is to help you meet your client's borrowing needs without competing for the depository relationship.

Correspondent lending with Marshall BankFirst is a "win-win" for both our bank clients and their borrowers. The unique structure of our program provides capital market access for projects or borrowers that may not be well suited for money-center banks. We have an experienced team of commercial lending professionals with broad credit expertise dedicated to providing financing solutions.

Commercial Lending