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  76 Deals in 12 Months - Even Monty Hall Would Be Impressed

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  Heartland Real Estate Business - September 1, 2005
"Marshall has found success all across the country by adhering to one belief: the client always comes first. Founded only four years ago, in 2001, Marshall has already achieved unprecedented success in the world of commercial lending. Now, the $600 million financial services company has eight offices across the United States servicing every area of the country."
  Native American Finance and Gaming
Marshall BankFirst is a nationally recognized expert in Native American gaming finance. We have been involved in Native American gaming finance since its legalization in 1988. Our team of specialists has financed more than $2 billion in tribal projects in 21 states, giving us a broad background in the needs of the Native American community.

Our underwriters have in-depth knowledge of tribal operations and the gaming industry. They have forged strong relationships with the tribes, which is paramount to understanding this unique market segment. Native American gaming is legal in 29 states, with tribal government gaming revenue of $16.7 billion in 2003. With more than 300 gaming operations nationwide, the need for financing is growing as these facilities expand their gaming operations and adjunct facilities. Marshall BankFirst’s lending experience exhibits this expansion and diversification:

  • Casinos - $1.7 billion
  • Tax-Exempt Projects - $267 million
  • Equipment - $233 million
  • Hotels - $123 million
  • River Boats - $55 million
  • Tax-Exempt Projects - $250 million
  • Other - $481 million

Thirty-six percent of all recognized Native American tribes are engaged in gaming. The potential for growth in gaming remains strong.  Marshall BankFirst, with the extensive experience of our underwriters in gaming transactions, is uniquely positioned to finance this future growth.

Native American lending requires careful consideration and strict compliance with applicable federal, state and tribal law.

  • Our select legal counsel have well-respected Native American and gaming law practices.
  • We hire certified, independent inspecting architects with significant gaming facility construction experience to review projects and draw requests on construction loans.
  • Highly qualified depository banks act as agents for the lenders.

Whatever the purpose of the loan, our professional and administrative staff can create the optimal structure to accomplish that purpose.

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