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  76 Deals in 12 Months - Even Monty Hall Would Be Impressed

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  Heartland Real Estate Business - September 1, 2005
"Marshall has found success all across the country by adhering to one belief: the client always comes first. Founded only four years ago, in 2001, Marshall has already achieved unprecedented success in the world of commercial lending. Now, the $600 million financial services company has eight offices across the United States servicing every area of the country."
  Origination and Underwriting
As a fully integrated asset origination company, our borrowers have the benefit of complete access to loan underwriting, placement and loan servicing within one organization. 

We offer value-added solutions for our borrowers through the quality and insight of our financial analysis, our unmatched distribution capabilities and a state-of-the-art servicing platform.

For borrowers we offer a full-service financing solution. Our market knowledge and expertise ensure that every project is thoroughly researched by a team of industry specialized underwriters and analysts.

We focus on four primary areas of lending:

Commercial Lending