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  Marshall BankFirst - Less Wall Street, More Main Street

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  According to the Star Tribune Quarterly Deal Report published December, 25, 2005 Marshall BankFirst originated over $450,000,000 in corporate debt for the 4th quarter.
  Our History
Marshall BankFirst Corp., a $600 million bank holding company, is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The organization was created with the January 2005 merger of Marshall Bank, N.A. (Minneapolis) and BankFirst (Sioux Falls, South Dakota).

Dennis M. Mathisen is Chairman and CEO of Marshall BankFirst Corp.  Prior to purchasing BankFirst, Mathisen purchased the $40 million Hallock Bank of Minnesota in 2003 and relocated its headquarters to Minneapolis. In 2005, he purchased BANKFIRST Corporation, based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. BANKFIRST has branch locations in South Dakota (Sioux Falls, Toronto and Brookings) as well as in Minneapolis and Chandler, Arizona. With the latest acquisition, Marshall BankFirst Corp increased its total assets to nearly $600 million with a lending limit of nearly $12 million.

In association with Marshall BankFirst Corp Mathisen also serves as Chairman and CEO of The Marshall Group, a firm specializing in the placement and servicing of commercial loans to lenders nationwide.  Founded in September 2001, The Marshall Group has placed more than $2.5 billion in financing for more than 200 borrowers.
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